Ghee On Your Chapattis, a lost healthy lifestyle.

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Ghee on Chapattis

Ghee on Chapattis, a lost healthy lifestyle!

Ghee on Chapattis

Desi cow ghee can do miracles is not just a mere saying. It is an important part of Indian cuisine and our mother knows this and thus she always add desi ghee in moderation in many forms in our food, sometime to fry the daal or toast the veggies. Besides, the most common was applying ghee on chappatis to make it soft, healthy and tasty. We don’t go into the science of this simple routine of adding ghee into our food, but we used to do it. Unknowingly, it prevented many diseases and keeps our immune system healthy. As the time goes on, new brands come into the market and try to replace the boon of Nature with tasteless oils. In the charm of marketing, many of us left the old secret of health, and adopted these unhealthy oils in our kitchen.

It’s time to rethink. 

Let's see the science behind
Ghee on Chappatis

Before we see the importance of ghee with chapattis, we need to understand what is Glycemic index.

What is Glycemic Index?

The glycemic index, simply put, is a measure of how quickly a food causes our blood sugar levels to rise. The measure ranks food on a scale of 0 to 100. Foods with a high glycemic index, or GI, are quickly digested and absorbed, causing a rapid rise in blood sugar, which may not be good for you.

Meanwhile, foods with a low GI are digested and absorbed at a slower rate, and, subsequently, cause a slower rise in blood sugar levels. 

For more knowledge you can refer to

Now let’s see what is the glycemic index of chapati?

Glycemic Index of chapattis made of whole wheat is around 62. 

What this means for you?

62 glycemic index is on the higher range and we should try to lower it. Our rishis(sages) know how exactly digestive system works and thus advised desi cow ghee to be added in our food.

Benefits of Ghee on Chappatis

  • Ghee lowers the glycemic index of chappatis and help our digestive system to easily digest it.
  • Ghee enhances our digestive system and helps it work smoothly.
  • Ghee is full of healthy fats essential for our health.
  • Ghee makes you feel fuller, so that you don’t binge into other fattening foods later in the day. 

Who else believe on these?

Did you know Bollywood actor and style icon Kareena Kapoor also swears by ghee. Kareena has often shared how her grandmother doesn’t understand the idea of having roti without ghee. ‘My Dadi ji is 85 and she has been having ghee since she was two years old. She has maintained her weight through her twenties and eighties, she is fit as a fiddle, she is walking around, her knees haven’t given way.” Even during pregnancy, Kareena made sure she had her regular dal with a spoonful of ghee, she revealed at the book launch of ‘Pregnancy Notes’ by Rujuta Diwekar.

So go ahead brush your rotis with a nice spread of ghee. Make sure you don’t go overboard with the quantity, a small teaspoon for one roti is just about fine. 

What are you going to do now? Go out buy a pack of ghee and start eating? STOP!

All the above benefits of ghee are meant for pure desi cow ghee.

Ghee in the market are generally made from milk of hazardous animals such as Jersey and HF. If some of you consider them as holy cows, then please read here and then decide. Worst is if they are animal fat.

So don’t buy any ghee, it may have adverse effects.

Give a try to desi cow ghee made using traditional bilona method from the milk of pure desi cows such as Gir and Sahiwal. It’s scientifically proven their milk is pure A2  milk and ghee made from their milk is a boon for our health.

You can get this pure desi cow ghee here and it will be at your doorstep in no time.

Finally, you may have got some enlightenment about benefits, usage of desi cow ghee and you may be thinking how can you trust a brand, don’t worry our brand KrishiVeda is trusted by many mothers around the country and our cow ghee is 100% safe for your family.

Wish you and your family Good Health.
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