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Ayurveda, Live a Healthy Lifestyle with Nature


You are born to live a Healthy and Happy Life

We should be thankful to have 5000 years old science of living a holistic lifestyle. Our science is till struggling in finding cures and reasons behind many health issues and problems in our life and our Ayurveda Charaka Samhita (the very first transcripts on Ayurveda) has been with us since 6th century. 

If Nature gives us everything we need to solve our problems and still we struggle just because we are not believing on Her or not following Her path then who is to be blamed?

Today we will talk about Ayurveda in a very brief so that we will get a glimpse of what is Ayurveda and how Ayurveda is beneficial in our day-to-day lives? We will also touch a little bit on Tridoshas, Vatta, Pitta and Kapha and the importance of maintaining the balance among them to live a healthy and happy life.

What is Ayurveda?

The Ayurveda in very simple terms is the Science of Living. Ayurveda is made up of two words from Sanskrit, “ayuh” which means life or longevity and “veda” which means knowledge or sacred knowledge. 

Many of us think that Ayurveda is just an ancient alternative to modern medicine. Ayurveda has answers to almost all the diseases and health problems we face in our lives but it is not just a cure or science of herbal medicine, it is the perfect composition of everything required to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. Ayurveda utilizes diet, cleansing routines, herbal remedies, yoga  and other lifestyle approaches to help bring the mind, body and spirit into balance.

The concept of balance is vital in Ayurveda because being out of balance is the root cause of all diseases.

Fundamental Building Blocks of Nature

fundamental building blocks of nature

Tridoshas and Fundamental Elements of the Universe

Everything in the universe is made up of Five Fundamental Elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether(Space). We are also made up of combination of these fundamental elements called Tridoshas. We’re all made up of a unique mix of the three main doshas — Vata (ether/space + air), Pitta (fire + water) and Kapha (water + earth) — we tend to be most dominant in one. These doshas are the reason behind our existence, they are like energies flowing within us and without them, we don’t exist.
Balance your Tridoshas
Vata, Pitta, and Kapha are kind of energy flowing within us. They are responsible for almost everything in our body from health to emotions, from cellular formation to intelligence, strength, and weakness, almost everything. Maintaining balance among them is the art of living that our ancient Vedic science used to teach us. Unfortunately, we are far away from Ayurveda, Vedic Science, etc, but we can start now, yes you can change everything in your life once you understand Tridoshas.  On the most fundamental level, Pitta is our metabolism, Kapha is our structure, and Vata is the mobility that brings action and life into creation. Without all three energies, we simply could not exist. Each dosha has a set of qualities (gunas) associated with it which can increase or decrease in quantity. We will see all the gunas which affect our health and how to maintain balance among these doshas but before that we should understand what is the definition of health according to Ayurveda.

What is the definition of Health (Svastha) by Ayurveda?

In Sanskrit, health means holistic health and we call it Svastha. It is not just about out physical wellness rather it is a state when mind, body and soul are in balance. When you achieve this state of wellness then you experience real joy, bliss  and your own true-self. 

Thus root cause of all diseases and problems lies within us and in our actions which are driven by our thoughts. Ayurveda provides answers to all of them, keep going.

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The Characteristics (Gunas) of a substance or experience

Slow (Dull)Sharp (Penetrating)
Cloudy (Sticky)Clear

Principles of Ayurveda

The fundamental principle of Ayurveda is “like increases like“. We have shown gunas above which is opposite to each other, like heavy vs light, cold vs hot and so on. Let’s make it simple, suppose someone is cold natured and living in cold region or climate, is likely to experience aggravation of cold quality. Have ever thought why some food are of warm nature and some of cold? They are meant to maintain balance within us. That person should add some warm nature food in his diet beside other remedies advised by an Ayurveda expert.

In simple terms, opposite balance each other. If there is an imbalance in Vatta dosha then he/she should add food which posses qualities like Warming, Grounding, Moist, etc. such as black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, cumin, etc. into his/her diet.

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Explore the inner self and its Energies-
Pitta, Vata and Kapha

Vata Dosha
Pitta Dosha
Kapha Dosha

Creating the balance is the key to achieve anything in life and to do so we need to follow these solutions from Ayurveda.

  • Prevention: Don’t leave your health on the last priority. It’s the only treasure you can cherish throughout your life and without it other’s won’t be of any use.
  • Routine: Life without a routine goes direction-less and same will be everything in the life. Do have a comfortable routine and stick to your own commitment to yourself.
  •  Food: Your stomach is not a dustbin so stop throwing anything inside it. Your stomach is your second-brain. Keep it healthy and it will keep you healthy.
  • Yoga and Exercise: Our body needs movement. Mobility is in our nature and when we stop every kind of yoga or exercise, our body starts becoming weak from inside.
  • Meditation and Mantras: Our food can fulfill the external needs of our body and our mental and inner self needs more than food. Meditation and mantras are like food for our inner-self and help it to unlock it’s real potential and you become the real you.
We hope you have got some idea about Ayurveda, your inner-self, tridoshas and importance of balance in your life. Keep practicing and we will explore more on each of the doshas.
Wish you Good Health

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